Lavender Driftwood

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Experience the harmonious union of freshness and woodiness in Lavender Driftwood, where timeless floral meets more masculine notes of cypress, cedar, and amber. Picture the serene essence of lavender entwined with the robust, woody undertones, as the scent gracefully balances between the delicate and the daring. Immerse yourself in this sophisticated blend that marries the best of both worlds, bringing a unique and alluring fragrance to any space.

  • 16.75 ounce / 475 gram vegan soy candle
  • 101 hour burn time
  • Hand-crafted wooden wick, eco-friendly and clean-burning, made from FSC Certified Wood
  • Royal Norfolk "Grow With Love" ceramic mug measuring 3.25 in diameter x 4.75 in high

Note Profile:

  • Top: Eucalyptus, Marine, Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves
  • Middle: Lavender, Sage
  • Base: Cedar, Amber, Benzoin, Cypress

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