Our Story

That first time you light a new candle is a fresh beginning. Fragrant aromas permeate your home and fire up all the senses. If you’re like us, you watch the candle slowly burn down, and watch with some sadness, the wax melt down to the bottom. What if you could repurpose the vessel for a permanent place in your home -- antique beer steins, mug filled with hot cocoa, a cream and sugar set, or colorful kitchen jars? A striking object with utility.

We are an eco-friendly candle company with a mission of leaving the planet better than we found it. Our desire is to add coziness to your home while combining it with our passion for nature and the environment.

We hand-pour each candle into an upcycled vessel with old-world arts and craftsmanship -- creating unique pieces from the scent to the vessel. Each vegan soy candle comes with a dust cover produced from wildflower seed paper to transform your candle vessel or any of your choice into a mini wildflower garden.