Apples & Maple Bourbon

Apples & Maple Bourbon

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Indulge in the upscale fusion of traditional Apples with Maple Bourbon, a mouthwatering and boozy blend. This fragrance captivates with top notes of crisp apple, warm cinnamon, and a subtle hint of orange. Elevate your space with the rich and inviting aroma that seamlessly combines the comforting familiarity of apple spice with the sophisticated allure of maple bourbon, creating a fragrance that is both enticing and irresistibly cozy.

  • 7 ounce / 198 gram vegan soy candle
  • 42 hour burn time
  • Hand-crafted wooden wick, eco-friendly and clean-burning, made from FSC Certified Wood
  • Fiestaware Ceramic Teacup measuring 3.25 in diameter x 2.75 in high

Note Profile:

  • Top: Apple, Orange, Cinnamon
  • Middle: Bourbon, Coconut, Butter
  • Base: Vanilla, Maple

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